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Time, as you very well know, is precious.

It can go by so quick.

And it can also go by so very slow.

Joyful moments seem to go quick.

Waiting for those moments seems to take forever.

Time always ticking, but at what appears to be different speeds depending on what we're feeling.

Don't you find that a bit strange?

How the clock ticks at the same speed, yet if we're enjoying ourselves it goes fast, and when we're bored or waiting, it goes slow.

But what about those special moments? The moments when time seems to stand still?

How is that possible if the clock is always ticking?

Could it be because in those special moments we are completely present?

Nothing else matters. Our entire focus, our very being, is in that one moment.

And it's like nothing exists outside of that.

But have you noticed how those moments hold a certain magic?

You can feel it. Everything becomes still, and yet you can feel this energy, this magic, this awe.

Life feels good. You feel good. Everything feels aligned. Everything IS aligned.

In that special moment YOU are the magic. You are creating the moment from your very existence, from the heart, from the soul, without any thoughts or blocks coming into play.

Complete pure, raw, aligned energy.

And so, that is what is reflected back, the purest, special moment.

Where time stands still.

Now imagine if we could stay in that place of magic and perfect alignment in every moment...

Isn't that when we can control time?

Isn't that when we've broken through the illusion of time?

In those moments where time stands still you can see the power that being completely present holds.

Maybe that's the key to controlling time, to be completely present, aware, and focused in the moment.

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