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And the world keeps turning...

Take a moment to step away.

Get some distance.

A change of perspective.

Feel yourself pulling away from the confines of your current mindset, your current energy, and your current physical presence.

Just for a moment.

Visualise yourself zooming out.

Away from where you currently are.

Out of the building.


Out of the town.


Out of the country.


Out of the world.


And now look 👀

Observe for a moment.

See the Earth hanging there in space.

Green, white, and blue.

The water sparkling, the clouds swirling.

All those people down there caught up in their lives, their problems, all in their local areas, dealing with the same old shit that humans create.

Now move your attention to the animal world. Nature. Weather.

Carrying on as it always does, going through seasons, cycles, life, death, growth, doing its thing to keep natural life going, oxygen pumping, and water... watering!

The world keeps turning, no matter what.

Problems come and go.

Disasters come and go.

Life... comes and goes.

You're here for a very short time.

Make it count.

Do the things you want to do, stop making excuses, there's no time for that.

One life.

It's a beautiful world, made ugly by a tiny few.

Keep going... keep believing... keep living your truth... no matter what.

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