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Are you happy?

Happiness... that shit comes from the inside.

No one is there to "make" you happy.

No one is responsible for your happiness.

No situation will "make" you happy.

YOU are the only person responsible for your happiness.

Others may come into your life who "add" to that happiness.

Experiences may happen that "add" to that happiness.

But ultimately it comes down to how happy you are in yourself.

Because if you're not happy, nothing else really matters, nothing else feels right, nothing else falls into place.

When you're happy on the inside, those outside experiences will have much more depth, more warmth, and you'll naturally attract people and situations that bring out YOUR happiness.


If you're not happy on the inside, how do you become happy?

Isn't that the question?

I'm not happy, how do I get happy?

It begins with choosing to be happy.

Choosing to see the better side of things.

Choosing to spend time with people who lift you up and support you.

Choosing to experience life in a positive way.

And then you get to know yourself, the things you enjoy doing, and the people you enjoy being around.

You seek out those experiences that temporarily bring you happiness, and soon enough you will realise that it's you who brings happiness to those experiences, not the other way around.

Happiness is inside you.

It's a feeling, it will guide you, follow it.

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