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Be a fluffy little cloud

VView yourself as a cloud.

View yourself as a cloud.

Drifting along on the breeze. Sailing across a pure blue sky. Not a care in the world, just pure freedom to express yourself. To change yourself into any shape you want.

The human observers on the ground might think you're a cool looking cloud, maybe in the shape of a dog, or a dragon, or just nice and fluffy.

Others might not like you because you're blocking out their sun.

It doesn't matter, because you're up there doing your thing, you're being the best cloud you can be. You're living your purpose.

Those on the ground can't change you, can't push you in another direction, can't dissipate you. You may hear their words, but they don't affect your very being.

Now imagine if your fluffy little cloud became a big fierce storm cloud.

Some people get excited about storms... they love to watch them unfold, they love to see them get all dark and angry. They almost thrive on it.

That is, until the path of destruction is heading right for them, then they realise they're about to get hurt, so they run and hide.

But if you're that storm cloud, are you actually chasing after them? Or are you continuing on your path across the sky?

Eventually, the winds drop. Your cloud is no longer being dragged around, getting pulled into the frenzy. You are free again to drift peacefully through the sky.

Life is like that.

The storms come and go. You must always hold the belief that you'll get through them, and be a fluffy little cloud once again.

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