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Inner strength

There is a strength inside you that can overcome even your darkest days.

You may not know it's there.

It stays well back. Out of view.

Ready to leap at a moments notice.

And when it does, it will fiercely protect you.

That strength may be in the form of courage, wisdom, guidance, or just that 'knowing' that everything will be okay.

The courage is there to ease you forward when you are scared to take the next step.

The wisdom and guidance are there to gently nudge you in the right direction.

The 'knowing' is there... well you 'know' it's there, but you can't really put a label on it.

It's just there. Always.

Sometimes hidden away, deep inside, under all that life stuff, but still burning bright.

A belief that you will always survive.

You will always overcome obstacles.

You will always prevail.

Just like a lion.

The king or queen.

Strong, confident, wise.

That strength is always there inside. And it will always show itself in your time of need.

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