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Live Life as a Human

However big you think our world is. However big you think your problems are, or the problems of the world. We are tiny in comparison to the universe.

Now that can either scare you, or excite you.

Our world, with its silly little wars, power struggles, egos, drama, manipulation, personal attacks... is tiny! Tiny! In comparison to the universe.

We (our planet) are like a grain of sand, and the universe is like a desert. Imagine our grain of sand sitting there on a huge sand dune.

So why get caught up in all of Earth's drama? Why let the words of one person affect you so much?

Why let anyone have power over you?

Why aren't we living as fully, and as kindly, and as freely as possible?

As our collective home, Planet Earth, drifts along on its journey around the sun. Hanging in this infinite universe.

We have been given an amazing opportunity, against all odds, to live life as a human. To experience life as a human on this beautiful planet.

And yet here we are fighting amongst ourselves, about who's doing, or not doing what.

I'll say it again, we have been given an opportunity to live life as a human, at least for a little while.

Now, ask yourself this,

When it's our time to move on from here, will you be able to go knowing that you lived the best life possible?

Did you really experience life on the deepest levels? The emotions, the connections, the beauty.

Did you live from your heart, helping, encouraging, living by example?

Or did you just follow the masses... existing... but not living?

Wasting time with mind numbing TV and social media.

You are here against all odds, remember. Not every soul gets to experience this.

Don't you think there's a reason for you being here?

You are special, you are unique, you are needed.

And you have only this one chance to experience life as a human.

Are you going to waste it?

Or are you going to live it?

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