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This Old Oak Has Weathered Many Storms

I recently visited the fields where I grew up.

I didn't plan to go there, I just sort of ended up there. Guided maybe.

Nothing much had changed. The old oak tree that I used to play under, and climb, was still there, standing strong and firm. Clearly weathering every storm that it encountered.

That tree and myself are old friends, we go back many years, and it holds many secrets. We're both a little older... maybe a little wiser.

The views are still the same. The farmers fields leading up to the woods, the woods leading up to the sky.

So many days spent exploring this area, on our bikes, building dens, and god knows what else!

But the one thing I felt most by being back here on a sunny day, just like summer as a child, was freedom.

Well, freedom and possibility... and whole lot of other stuff.

I felt at peace. Reconnected with my inner child. Free to dream.

Memories of "the old days" reminding me what a privilage it is to be alive, and to have more or less been brought up in the countryside.

Memories of times with my friends, and my brother. Memories of walking my dog, who was also like a brother.

I'm grateful for those days. I'm grateful for the lessons and things I learnt, that I carry with me today.

And I'm grateful for that old oak tree for reminding me to remain strong, no matter what storm I'm going through.

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