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Thoughts on my Birthday...

When you get to a certain age you begin to realise a few things.

Well, maybe it's age, or maybe it's dedication to growth, healing, and self improvement.

Anyway, as it's my birthday today, I thought I would share three things that I have found useful in recent years:

1. Avoid drama at all costs. You're bigger than that, you don't need to get pulled into bitching matches. You don't need to be playing silly games. Leave it behind. You will begin to find it humorous as others get so involved in pointless drama.

2. Focus on your real friends. The ones who feel good. The ones who support you, and don't talk behind your back. Celebrate the ones who are always there for you. Leave the others behind. You don't need their low vibing vibe! (Does that make sense?)

3. Time. It goes quick. People say that all the time. But seriously, it does. So decide now, are you going to continue to waste it on meaningless things? Or are you going to make every second count as you explore and experience life?

4. Push yourself. Do things that expand you and make you stronger. Learn a new skill, develop yourself, get fit, take up Karate, write a book, learn an instrument. Anything to become better. These small changes can make a huge difference in your strength and confidence.

Just a few thoughts as I turn 42.

Oh and a final piece of advice... be a good human!

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