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Who are you going to be when this is over?

Who are you going to be when this is over?

In a few weeks, or maybe months, when we all get our physical freedom back, how are you going to behave, act, be?

You've been given a chance right now.

A chance to become the person you want to be.

A chance to change those habits, routines, and behaviours about yourself that you don't like.

A chance to start fresh.

This whole situation has stamped it's foot down and screamed STOP!

All of sudden those routines have gone out the window!

And now you're left with time.

You're left with... yourself.

You are left with your thoughts, feelings, dreams.

Have you noticed that you're beginning to think about where you want to be?

Places you want to see?

People you want to spend time with?

Have you noticed that you're becoming very grateful for certain things?

The NHS? Teachers? Delivery drivers?

Certain foods?

Sunny days?

The list goes on.

Have you noticed that you're feeling empathy for others?

You're noticing that everyone is going through their own struggle, internal, and external.

Have you noticed that you're naturally becoming a nicer person?

Because now you're losing all that stress, anxiety, and choas from daily life, and are going within.

You're thinking.

You're having an internal clear out.

You're connecting with your true self.

You are discovering things about yourself that have been hidden under the smog of daily life. And maybe a lifetime of conformity.

You're beginning to feel like the new you... but isn't it the YOU who's always been there?

It's just been hidden, suppressed, buried.

And now it has the time and space to come to the surface.

The REAL you.

Now is the time to explore, create, and live as the very best version of yourself.

So I'll ask again...

Who are you going to be when this is all over?

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