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You are a Miracle

How do you feel right now?

Stop. Take a minute. Forget everything else, and focus on how you feel in this moment.

Notice yourself breathing.

In... and... out.

Bring your attention to it. Get lost in it. Feel the rhythm of it.

And your heart... how does that feel?

Notice how it slows down, as you focus on your breathing.

Notice how the tension releases out of your body.

Notice how it feels peaceful in there.

Go with it. Life can wait. Don't fear relaxing for a moment. Don't fear the stillness.

Notice how amazing the human body is. It can overcome a hell of a lot, and it can achieve great things.

Notice how amazing it is to be living life as a human for a while.

How amazing life is at it's most basic, natural, level.

A world full of tiny, little, miracles. Nature, eco systems, water, food, life, death.

We get to experience life as a human! That is a miracle in itself!

The odds of that occuring for you are... I have no idea... millions to one? Billions to one?

You have a purpose, and that purpose can be found by living and experiencing human life.

Feeding information to your higher consciousness as you go. Learning Growing. Expanding.

You are special. You are unique. You are you, and there's no one like you. Own it. Show the world who you are.

You are a miracle ⚛💓

(And yes that's me in the photo 😉😂)

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