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You're not lost, you're here

Hey Vibe Tribe!

How many of you feel disconnected?

Disconnected from yourself? From others?

Maybe you feel alone, even though you're not physically alone?

Maybe at times you feel lost?

Not from around here? Shouldn't be dealing with these things in life?

Maybe even looking up to the stars and wondering if you came from "up there"?

I know. I get it. Felt it many times too. And you know what, maybe you aren't from around here. Maybe you are from "up there". But the fact is... right now... you are HERE!

Simple as that.

You're not lost, you're here.

Here to experience life as a human.

In all its ugly beauty!

The highs and lows.

The ups and the downs.

The good and the bad.

All these things are helping you to grow and evolve.

If you are focusing on the bad, then you will experience the bad.

If you are focusing on the good, then you will experience the good.

And if you're focusing on being lost or disconnected, then you will feel that.

You know where you belong, where you're from, what you deserve, who to connect with, what to do.

Deep down, you know the answers to all of this.

Deep down, you know who you are, what to do, and how to do it. It's just buried underneath all of the daily life stuff.

So how do you lift that "life stuff" and access those answers?

Connect with yourself. Take a time out. Go for a long walk. Sit down at a cafe and people watch. Write in a journal. And meditate, everyday, even just for a few minutes. The more you do these things, the more you will understand yourself and lift those layers of unimportant "life stuff".

Become conscious. Conscious of yourself. And conscious of this reality which we are experiencing.

You are here. You are needed. You are worthy. And... you are loved.

Now go out there, find yourself, and then let yourself shine 🌟⚛💓

📷 Photo taken by me on my travels in Shrewsbury 😊

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