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Your presence is more important than presents.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to become present.

We can become caught up in stuff, our minds running at a million miles per hour.

We can replay the past, "This happened before, it might happen again." Or, "We've always done it this way so that's how it has to be."

Or our minds can be in the future, worrying about things, anxious about things, or planning things to the finest detail, to make sure everything is perfect.

There is no such thing as perfect. All the beauty, fulfilment, and enjoyment is in the imperfect.

The only way to reach that is to let go.

Let go of the idea of 'Perfect'.

Let go of 'old ways'.

Let go of trying to make everyone happy... you will tear yourself apart in the process, and quite possibly everything else.

If you want everyone to be happy, then be happy yourself. They would much rather experience a calm, happy, present version of you, than a frenzied mess.

And by being calm and present, that energy might just rub off onto others.

So instead of worrying about giving the perfect present this Christmas, give your presence. That is the gift everyone will appreciate.

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