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Zoom out. Find space.

Try this little exercise, either in meditation or just visualise it right now.

See yourself, right now, in this moment. Sitting, standing. Outside, inside. Kitchen, living room, bedroom. Wherever you are, it doesn't matter. See yourself there, within your surroundings.

Now zoom out a little. Up to the ceiling, the roof. Just until you can see yourself down there. A little smaller, surrounded by the same room, area, things.

And now go a little further. Above the houses, buildings, trees.

Slowly keep going, zooming out of your town/city.

Become aware of all the other houses, buildings, offices, cars, people. All going about their day. Some rushing around, and some a little more leisurely. But almost all of them having "stuff" going on their lives. Problems, chaos, good stuff, bad stuff. Some in love, some heartbroken. Some in pain, some struggling, some thriving.

Zoom out a little further until you see your country. Sitting there surrounded by the ocean. Waves lapping at the shore.

And a little further until the patterns of the clouds begin to cover some of the land and sea.

And further. Keep going.

Now you see the Earth, a perfectly formed planet. Green and blue. With a little bit of desert, and a little bit of ice and snow.

A sphere hanging in space. Alive.

Always turning. Always carrying on.

From this viewpoint, stable, peaceful, and calm.

Spend a moment here. Away from the problems of the world. Away from your own "stuff".

A moment to reflect.

A moment to find peace.

And possibly a moment to connect with that wisdom and guidance that's always within.


I have used this technique many times personally, and in guided meditations, to get some space (no pun intended). What I mean is... to get some distance from a problem, overwhelm, or "life stuff", without being so heavily involved in it. This gives you a new perspective, space for healing, and guidance.

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