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Conscious Being - Half Day Meditation & Energy Retreat

Autumn Equinox Special Event - Set in the heart of Leicestershire.

Saturday 23rd September, 9:30am - 12:30pm

A special event to celebrate the change of seasons, as we move into Autumn (my favourite season).A retreat to relax, find peace, release old energy, and shift into a more positive state of being.
Do you ever feel like you need to switch off for a while?
Find some peace?
Find yourself?
Ever feel like there's more to life than the work, eat, go to bed routine?
Or, do you ever feel like something is hanging over you? Holding you back? Preventing you from experiencing the 'meaning' in this life?
Join me on this meditation & energy retreat, where we'll delve into energy and consciousness, releasing the past, and creating a future full of meaning and purpose. And of course, we'll find some peace and relaxation as I guide you through several meditations to connect with yourself and the universe. Leaving you feeling lighter, rejuvenated, and connected to yourself.
Not tried anything like this before? Don't worry, this retreat is relaxed, easy to follow, and will offer you the chance to learn and discover more about yourself and your purpose.
If you're in desperate need of relaxation, wanting a deeper connection with yourself, and ready to make conscious changes in your life, then this retreat is for you.
Early booking discount for a limited time (£34 instead of £44), light refreshments are included.
Spaces are limited, so sign up now to avoid disappointment.

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